Raina Telgemeier – My New Favorite Recommendation

As an elementary school librarian, I am constantly bombarded with the newest characters and series which is a wonderful and exciting perk of my job. One of my newest favorites  is Raina Telgemeier and while she’s not the newest author/illustrator on the block she is one of my favorite recommendations for kids.  Her popular graphic novels have been the magical link to getting even my most stubborn kiddos interested in reading.  Now that’s impressive!


So what is the magic behind Raina Telgemeier’s books? I think it’s the quirky art that immediately pulls the reader in – the kids are constantly leafing through her books and picking out their favorite scenes. She also has writes in a way that is completely relatable. The reader gets what the characters are going through because they’ve either been through it or they’re going through it now –  school drama, braces, embarrassing parents, annoying siblings, etc.

Telgemeier’s newest book, Ghosts, is similar to the other stories with elements of family drama (moving to a new home and illness) and the close sister relationships, but it throws in a bit of the supernatural.  My kids have enjoyed this one as well and the illustrations are magnificent.

Even if graphic novels are not your favorite these stories will still resonate with you. Give them a try and let me know what you think!


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